PVC modular kitchen and wardrobes

PVC Foam Board Modular kitchen and Wardrobes

Eurostar Pvc modular kitchens are easy to maintain and a perfect solution for any kitchen style with minimum Budget

  PVC(Polymers Vinyl Chloride ) good  quality to withstand a lifetime Material warranty  and we offer largest range of  PVC Modular kitchen cabinets, Pvc kitchens, Soiled Pvc kitchens, Pvc foam board kitchens, Pvc Wardrobes , Pvc interior and Furniture in Hyderabad  Pvc Materials, Duco paint color pattern and Laminated design  are  Easy to install, Easy to maintain and have smooth finish.



Carcass / Box

  •  PVC foam Board -Polymers Vinyl Chloride
  • Life time Material Warranty 
  • Maintenance free 
  • 1MM/.8MM - Laminated 
  • Pvc edge banding 



  • Hinges    (regular, soft closed )
  • S.S  Handles 
  • Lock's
  • Channels
  • PVC / S.S legs


  • PVC Foam Board  -Polymers Vinyl Chloride 
  • Life time Material Warranty
  •  Maintenance free 
  • 1.MM - Laminated ( Hi gloss or Regular)
  • .8 M M- Laminated shutter rare
  • Four side PVC edge banding